• Image of 25 MYSTERY BOX + 3 Proto Discs
  • Image of 25 MYSTERY BOX + 3 Proto Discs

As a special promotion to all of our dedicated throwers, we have put together a incredible box of flight:

15 Putters 170-175 = A mix of our best blends of Suregrip and Diamond in our incredible Putt and Approach molds!

5 Diamond Mid-range discs: Our most reliable discs in our most durable polymer.

5 Diamond Drivers from special run Metal Flake to Hyper Diamond blends.

These are the best of the Underground.

Hand selected from older runs, special blends and unique stamps.
Weights will vary from 170-Max.

If you are looking for something more specific or if you are interested in a custom or wholesale order (25+), don't hesitate to call or e-mail.

P: 314-487-5204
E: gatewayunderground@gdstour.com

100% Guarantee, if you are not happy please return the pack for a full refund!

Sold Out