• Image of Summoner - 25 Disc Master Flight Box

As a special promotion to all of our dedicated throwers. We have put together a incredible box of flight

15 Putters 170-175 = A mix of our best blends of Suregrip and Diamond amonst our incredible Putt and Approach molds

5 Diamond Midrange Discs Our most reliable discs in our most durable polymer

5 Diamond Drivers From special run Metal Flake to Hyper Diamond Blends

Early Bird Special- The first 10 ordered will get a special Gateway pack as a thank you from us!

These are the best of the Underground. Hand selected from older runs, special blends and unique stamps. Weights will vary from 170-Max , but if you are looking for lighter please let us know!

100% Guarantee, if you are not happy please return the pack for a full refund!