• Image of 25 Player Winter Wizard Pack
  • Image of 25 Player Winter Wizard Pack

This pack will contain

25 Players Packs
2 CTPs
6 Round Winner Discs
5 Trophy Discs

$15 Per Players pack - Retail Value $30

Minimum order of 25 Players Packs

Each Players Pack will contain
1- Custom Stamped Limited Edition Winter Wizard
1- Towel
1-Mini Marker Stash Set (colors vary)
1- Sticker

We will send extra packs to cover any day of entrants. These or any unused packs can be sent back for a refund.

Our Winter Wizard is our long-running 1 Disc Challenge. Easy to run in any format you would like. These ready-made Players Packs are a perfect way to run your first or 100th event.

If you have any questions please contact me.
Gatewayunderground@gdstour.com 0r 636-345-2077

We can help customize the pack to your needs.