• Image of Lowering scores in 2020 Pack
  • Image of Lowering scores in 2020 Pack

We all know what leads to lower scores....

Muscle memory and putting consistancy

Pick 10 of your favorite putters and we will throw in a Training Weight Wizard.

The #1 putter in disc golf is now available with additional weight for training purposes! These are not intended for course play and are purely used as a tool to build up the muscles in your putting arm.

These overweight putters help build core muscles and blended into your putting reps will give confidence that only the pros have.

Wizard: Firm, SS, SSS, SSSS, Eraser, Organic, Pure White, Special Blend & $$$

Warlock: Firm, SS, SSS, Eraser, Pure White, $$$, SSSS

Voodoo: Firm, Super Soft, SSS, SSSS, Eraser, Organic, Pure White

Magic: Firm, SS, SSS, SSSS, Eraser, Pure White

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